«Putin’s» deadly weapons: Russian wives

«Putin's» deadly Weapons - Russian wives.
«Putin‘s» deadly Russian Weapons!

Russian wives are «Putin‘s» most important export strategy besides Oil and Gaz! 

Be aware of casual sex with «Putin‘s» Russian wives, also called «Putains» in France. They are real deadly!

The question of 2017 is: Does «Putin» plan the «US Take Over» by Russian wives?

Therefore started a research & peace project in and for «Trumpland», also called «États-Unis» en France and found with the help of an emigrated US-Lady’s blog called «sunflower22a», the following impressive content – The Russians, born and raised in Russia – so great!

The Russian & the Equestrian – The Casual Sex Project

“The Russian” was born and raised in Russia. I’m not sure when she moved to the USA, but she still had her (very thick) Russian accent, which I found to be extremely sexy. She was barely 5 feet tall, had reddish brown hair, and bright blue eyes. Her breasts were very small (probably a 32 A), but her ass was incredibly toned and rested on equally incredibly toned legs.

Source: The Casual Sex Project

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